Dr. Ellen Markowitz

Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur

Ellen Markowitz is an athlete, coach and entrepreneur who has followed her passion every step of the way—in business, in the classroom, in the community and on the court. Tennis—and empowering girls through sports—have given meaning and purpose to her life, as she has started a non-profit organization, run community youth development programs, coached individuals and teams, and earned several advanced degrees that bring science and systems to her natural talent and intuition. Today, she is president of SuperStarters Sports, a sports-based youth development company she founded in 2010.

Testimonials About Ellen's Coaching

“Ellen has an eye for enhancing sports performance through understanding the role of mind and spirit.” – W.

“Working with Ellen not only increased my skills, but she added tools to my game to pull from on those difficult playing days.” – S.

“Ellen can help anyone blend mind and spirit with sport performance. More success and happier doing it!” – M.

Ellen's Network