Be Super. Start Now!

Whether the content is tennis, mental skills, or life design, my coaching approach is holistic and integrated. SuperStarters Coaching programs are based upon and utilize a foundation of awareness, clarity and excellence, what I call the “ACE” principles, designed to improve personal and professional performance, balance, and wellbeing.


How do we start to pay attention? What’s that little voice inside saying now? Move forward by learning how to be more self-aware, more positive, and more mindful. Practice radical acceptance of thoughts and feelings, and be a better inner coach to yourself!


How do we gain clarity within the ‘information overload’ world in which we live? Am I being my own best coach? Am I going after what I really want? Listen, recalibrate, or fine tune. Get clear. Move forward!


Now that I am more present and clear, how do I define my goals, and celebrate my small wins? Remember, there is no perfection, only striving for excellence! How do I make necessary changes or build some new habits that support my best self? One step at a time. One day at a time. One habit at a time.

Develop your Super Powers.

We bring our whole selves to everything we do, so we need to pay close attention to both the inside and outside. My goal in coaching is to facilitate better understanding & awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions, and a better alignment of behaviors, activities, and habits with vision and goals, thus leading to greater wellbeing and productivity. Depending on your needs, I love to integrate elements, and activities from many relevant domains – including sport psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, resilience, developmental psychology, among others – to facilitate your learning and applying new skills, and increase your well being and life satisfaction! Join my groups for learning and practicing mental toughness skills, optimal living or designing your life and career. Reach out. Start the journey to develop a new skill or super power. Most importantly, stay connected!   

Become a Super Hero:

Join a group, or work with me individually.  As of March 2021, session options are in person (with safety protocols) or remotely through Face Time, What’s App, Zoom or other platform. My courses include BS: Best Self, MT: Mental Toughness  and LD: Life Design. “BS” is my personal 12-step optimal living program for being your best, through improving our daily “fundies,” fundamental habits: breathing, movement, meditation, musing, gratitude. MT is learning and practicing the core mental toughness skills, like self-talk, imagery, emotional fitness, acceptance, relaxation, and goal setting. LD is applying design principles to your life (empathy, ideate, prototype) and discovering and moving towards your purpose. Here and happy to be your best coach in any way I can! Let’s go for light bulb moments!

Every day can be a fresh start towards discovering your super powers and becoming your best self. Are you ready? Let’s Go!